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October 01, 2007


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Credentialing is just a short-cut to reputation - we all know plenty of bozos with credentials. We'd do best to strive for a meritocracy, where "show me your code" (as geek shorthand for 'achievements') is sufficient to establish credibility and ability. Everything else is just a feign to laziness. You often see this on the part of conference organizers, employers, graduate schools, etc., who don't want to spend the effort to fairly evaluate a person. Prejudice towards chromosomal diversity is just another symptom of the fat and lazy.

Women should be less concerned about being a woman or being perceived in any particular light and just get down to nuts and bolts. Be aggressive, assertive, and compelling - in my experience that engenders respect, not resentment (at least not gender biased). Sure, there will be misogynistic miscreants here and there, just the same way we haven't beaten racism out of the gene pool, but the best way to make someone look like a fool is to confirm that they are. Confucius say, "Fortune favors the bold."

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